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LJ -> DW

А процесс-то реально пошёл.

«Рeople who are worried because the import of their LiveJournal account has been running for a long time with no real signs of progress: please don't be concerned! The import queue is currently a little long. (In the same way that Mt Everest is a little tall and the Mariana Trench is a little deep.) We're limited in how many import jobs we can run simultaneously and how quickly we can start the next import after one finishes: LiveJournal, like all sites, has restrictions on how frequently we can programmatically request data from their site, so the import queue can get very backed up at times like this when more imports are being started than are finishing. If you look at the import queue and the numbers don't seem to be changing much, or are only going up, it doesn't mean that no imports are finishing: it means a lot of additional people have scheduled an import since the last time you reloaded.»

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    Wow! Сказ о том, как Metro С&C РАО с ВОИС-ом обнесли ;) Прецедент не может не радовать, ибо подобные организации являются откровенно…

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    Борцы с пиратами в лице Станислава Говорухина предлагают сажать в тюрьму за Camrip. Интересно, они сами-то когда-нибудь результаты такой съёмки…

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    Литрес и нечестная конкуренция. JFYI. Аналогичная ситуация с другим приложением для iOS. Предлагаемые методы противодействия.

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